Chariot Race

Take a trip through time as a chariot racer during the age of Rome. Competition is fierce and all contestants will stop at nothing to win the day! Tactical movement and combat is used to great effect in Chariot Race, but be warned there are many ways to wreck, so only the most cunning and tenacious will see the finish line. May Fortuna smile upon you.


  • Tactical and strategic movement
  • Attack your opponents with javelins, caltrops, and ramming
  • Manage your speed, damage, and fortune
  • Both standard and variable chariots are included
  • Double sided board features obstacles on one side

A light, strategic dice game for 1–6 players, ages 8+


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Kickstarter Overview


Check out The Evolution of Chariot Race if you're interested in the early versions and development of the game.

How to Play

Ian Dudley and Bryce Cook give a full rules breakdown of the game.