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Armed and Dangerous Preview

The Armed and Dangerous Preview has been put on indefinate hold.

Currently in production and coming in 2002: Lunatix Loop: Armed and Dangerous.

The first expansion set will contain bits to allow more players, new Gadgets, new Hazards, and a new Action Card, "Shoot" which will allow each racer to shoot Machine Guns and Missiles.


  • 2 additional Cars, Dashboards and Luck Chips to allow a 7- or 8-player game
  • 8 "Shoot" Action Cards, which allow players to shoot machine guns and missiles at each other.
  • 16 Missile tokens
  • 32 Machine Gun tokens
  • 10 new Hazard Cards which promise to make cornering nastier
  • 10 new Gadget Cards including:
    • Spoiler
    • Doomsday Deterrent Device
    • Extra Road Hazard Tanks
    • Lucky Rabbit's Foot
    • Extra NOx Injector
    • Armor Plates
    • Spiked Wheels
    • Extra Machine Gun
    • Grenade
    • plus 2 blank cards for inventing your own
  • A lap counter
  • A set of rules

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