Pandemic Legacy: Season 1

by Matt Leacock and Rob Daviau

Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 is a stand-alone, cooperative game for 2–4 players. Unlike most other games, actions you take in Pandemic Legacy carry over to future games. As you continue to play, the decisions your group makes will permanently shape your world. Each game is about 45–60 minutes and players will play 12–24 games before they reach the end of the story.

I co-designed Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 with Rob Daviau who pioneered legacy-style gaming in Risk Legacy.


We were been blown away by the game's reception. Pandemic Legacy was #1 game on BoardGameGeek for two years.


I spoke with Mike Fitzgerald and Geoff Engelstein on the design of the game in Episode 121 of Ludology.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you swap players in and out as you play?

Yes, the game supports 2, 3, or 4 players. You can add a player in the middle of the campaign, drop one out, or swap players in and out as you play.

I hear rumors of a "Season 2." Do I need to save anything from Season 1 in order to play that game?

Pandemic Legacy Season 2 is indeed in the works. It will be a fully standalone game and nothing will be required from the Pandemic Legacy Season 1 box.

Is there a difference between the red and blue boxes?

There is no difference other than the cover and the cover of the rulebook. Really.

Can I replay Pandemic Legacy Season 1 after I'm done with the campaign?

The game was designed to be played 12-24 times. (Players have been typically been getting about 16-18 games.) Some users of BoardGameGeek have gotten creative, however, after finishing their game. (Warning: possible spoilers)

I have a different question, can you help?

Check out the wonderful FAQ on BoardGameGeek. David Murray has done a wonderful job compiling frequent questions and has used spoiler tags so you can look up your questions month-by-month by clicking on them. If you can't find your answer there, drop me a line!

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