Thunderbirds: A Peek Behind The Curtain

Bits and pieces from dozens of iterations of the Thunderbirds board game

Chris Birch of Modiphius has agreed to try out a little experiment for the Thunderbirds kickstarter with me. Since we still have a few weeks to polish up the game a bit, we thought we'd lift the veil and share the rules as I edit them in Google Docs and have them open for comment.

Now, mind you, this is the raw text that describes how the game works. It's unvarnished and unillustrated, with diagrams drawn by yours, truly. Michal Cross will be coming in to do his part and make the whole package look fantastic.

So, with that caveat in mind, I've unlocked the Cahelium-lined vault and put the rules online.

If you have any comments, feel free to leave them below or add them directly to the document—but note, that I'll be resolving most of the comments in the document as they come in to keep it readable.

I hope you enjoy our experiment and the early look into the rules and thanks for your interest!

New Digs

I've decided to join the 21st century at last and upgrade my dusty old website. Goodbye tables and spacer gifs! Hello slightly cold, clinical look. Is that the cost of having fashionable UI in 2015? If nothing else, I refuse to put a cover page on this site. And no, you didn't see a popup when you visited. You're welcome.

At least this thing is will be easy to update when I have something to share.

I'll be pointing to a few older pieces of content here to start off, but then hope to be able to share news on upcoming games like Pandemic Legacy and Thunderbirds and other games coming down the pike. And I'm especially looking forward to being able to point people to this site without an obligatory apology.

Enough naval-gazing and on with the show.