Designing Knit Wit

I designed Knit Wit in the spring of 2015. Originally entitled "Venntangled" and played on a whiteboard, after several iterations, the game evolved and picked up its "knitting" theme. You can check out an interview I did for Z-man games along with a few snapshots from playtest sessions below.

Here's an interview I did with Z-man on the design of Knit Wit. The last few frames show the how the prototype I initially sent morphed into the final product.

Playtesting with the Rory O'Connor, Anita Murphy, and their family. Theses people are brilliant; if you haven't seen their Story Cubes or Extraordinaires Design Studio products, be sure to check them out.

At one point, players each had their own "personal" spool. The concept was later dropped since it didn't add much but additional time to the game. It also added a lot of visual complexity as you can see here!

Another prototype. I made the spools here out of some extra wooden disks and double-sided tape.

A special thanks goes out to Max Brace for the "Knit Wit" name. I think we tried out dozens before he quietly suggested the name after a few moments of thought and it fit the game perfectly.